Between Tharandter Wald and Klosterpark Altzella

Four municipalities, one common goal to make the beauty of the region visible. This means more comfort and attractiveness for our guests in order to be able to enjoy the variety of culture and nature in the river pearl area.

Because this central Saxon cultural landscape is a treasure that we want to bring to our children today and also to pass on to future generations. Nature and landscape protection do not have to mean any restriction. Rather, they are an extension and enrichment of our leisure and vacation plans. Combined with hospitality, cultural and sporting offers as well as many cultural heritage sites, we would like to introduce guests and locals to a unique living space that can be actively lived immediately. Our site is divided into different topics to enable quick access to the desired area of ​​interest. We look forward to your curiosity when you find the river pearls on Freiberger Mulde and Bobritzsch around the towns of Großschirma, Halsbrücke, Nossen and Reinsberg.

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