Flora and Fauna

Here you will find the extended overview of nature reserves, landscape protection areas and natural monuments in the river pearl area.

The flora on the Freiberger Mulde between Halsbrücke and Nossen and the Zellwald and Bobritzsch near Reinsberg, Krummenhennersdorf and Falkenberg

The high flow speeds of the Bobritzsch and the stony subsoil give aquatic plants little chance. As common shrubs in the immediate vicinity of the river, there are many typical representatives. Quite rich in species and interesting for nature lovers, the terrain changes from steep slopes and heaps to an incipient meadow landscape. The almost 24 square kilometers large cell forest extends between Freiberg Mulde and Striegis. The hiker experiences some near-natural forest stands here.

The fauna in the Freiberger Mulde and Bobritzsch river valleys

Just as the number of plant species is increasing, the fish population in the Freiberg Mulde has increased significantly over the past 15 years. Due to its largely natural course and the comparatively good water quality, the Bobritzsch, which flows into the hollow, is characterized by a higher number of animal species. For example, there are relatively many different fish species here. Rare bird species inhabit the Bobritzschtal. In the last few years there has also been a pleasing repopulation of this section of the river with other animal species.

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